SmartLinc – Unable to Retrieve Device State

The Insteon SmartLinc had less functionality than I had expected. Even though you can control your devices from a web page, it still seems pretty locked down. Devices have to be "linked" into the controller in order for you to control them. I was hoping that you would only have to know the Insteon ID of the device to turn it on or off. The final straw was the fact that I couldn't retrieve the state of a device from the SmartLinc. I asked the professional people at SmartHome and they told me that I could:

set up an IP camera to see the status of my lights...

WOW. Obtaining the status of your devices is one of the main features of the Insteon platform. How could they have left this out? So, sadly enough, I had to request an RMA# and have shipped it back!

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